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Prime Time Cartoon

by Cassie Beeson

Catriona Foster reports on this year’s Prime Time Reunion on Saturday 25th January.

“As this year’s Prime Time Reunion happened to fall on January 25th, it seemed obvious to choose a Scottish theme for the day.  Although we didn’t serve up haggis for lunch, there was tartan everywhere and plenty of things (including the weather) to make us feel that we had been to Scotland for the day.

Tartans on display

Tartans on display

“The Reunion is always a good time for those who have enjoyed Prime Time in August to get together again and look back on some photos – just over 40 guests came.

“The guests were welcomed at the door by Diarmid in his kilt and we spent some time chatting over coffee with Highlanders shortbread and Black Bun. Bryony played some wonderful Scottish fiddle music and we even had a visit from Wee Hamish McClunkey-Buckets frae Auchenshugle (aka Ian).

“Lunch was a choice of home-made soup and home-made winter puddings – very warming on a cold January day.  In between times, with beautiful Scottish scenes showing on the screen, each table worked hard at the quizzes in an attempt to win a prize.

Diarmid in his kilt

A Sottish Welcome

“Who knows which 9 ingredients are in haggis or how to spell “ceilidh”?  We listened to the parable of “The Campsie Shepherd” – and heard how the Good Shepherd even cares for wee boys who are lost in the tumshie field.

“A rather special moment was when Bryony led us all in a rendition of Auld Lang Syne and folk all joined hands round the tables.”

THANK YOU to all the helpers, cooks and drivers.

This summer’s Prime Time is planned for Tuesday 19th – Thursday 21st August.

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2 Responses

  1. Fiona Lumb says:

    This just sounds like a wonderful day! Prime Time is an excellent idea and I am sure the older people in your congregation must feel very loved with all the work that your volunteers put into these events. I don’t suppose you hire Catriona out?! Our older members would love this!

    • Catriona Foster says:

      Thanks for leaving your comment. As a point of interest, more than half of the guests are not members of the congregation – many are older people who we have come to know from our local community.
      Re ‘hiring Catriona out’ you know where I am, Fiona, and you know that I am always up for a trip up North, but you might need to pay travelling expenses!

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